CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

Tech Corona’s integrated technology, marketing processes and the service towards our customers is a premium experience. In order to organize, automate as well as ensure synchronization in the business process and most importantly to enhance the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we at Tech Corona move very strategically. We realize our business can’t flourish if we don’t take care of our customers. The entire process involves an extensive use of technology in order to be able to help our customer’s business process. These processes are not merely for sales purposes but also include marketing, customer service and technical support.

With multiple CRM development tools in the market today such as sales automation, marketing, analytics, social media marketing you need to be clear about choosing the right tool appropriately. Inception of social media has given rise to a new segment of customers who looks up to various social media platform for reviews of a particular service. The challenges are many as you need to be at the top. Hence, Tech Corona’s CRM strategy is all about exploring various medium to cater to the customer including but not limited to social media marketing, podcasting and opts for other channels rather than the traditional advertising and web designing.

Today, people visit you after a lot of discussion and deliberation and only when they are convinced exploring all channels of social media. At Tech Corona, as a CRM enthusiast our aim is to identify, attract and win maximum customer and we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and believe in enhancing our relations with our existing customers. We also believe in bringing back our customers whom we lost to our competitors. Tech Corona’s three stage strategies include acquiring new clients through contacts, providing best customer service to our existing clients and taking care to retain them.

We offer web-based CRM solutions to our clients along with various tools of customer service assisted by our experts. Tech Corona’s CRM software helps your business trace loyal customers and ways to retain them with future prospects.